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BBK Booking has connected with an array of skilled designers ready to create your tour poster/flyer and dispatch them to venues as needed. 



The updated Carnet rules have added complexity to touring post-Brexit, especially for British bands. BBK Booking is here to provide tailored backline rental services to accommodate your requirements.



We have established a solid partnership with Mercedes Benz for van rentals. 

We are on hand to help with all of your transportation needs, regardless of the city from which your tour commences. 

We prioritise smooth logistics and can arrange larger vans or night liners through our network of trusted partners. BBK Booking are committed to finding the transportation solution that works for your band.



BBK Booking has a wealth of world class musicians, including drummers, bassists, keyboardists, guitarists, backing singers, saxophonists, and more. Whatever your requirements may be, we can furnish you with an exceptional backing band of world-class musicians if desired.



BBK Booking maintains strong connections with excellent tour managers to ensure your safe navigation throughout Europe. They handle the logistical details, allowing you to concentrate fully on delivering an outstanding performance every night.



BBK Booking collaborates with various PR firms to promote concerts through both local and national press. Awareness is crucial for a successful show, and in the current competitive market, investing in thorough PR efforts can make a significant difference.

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