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Essentially the Stoned Hillbillies are Mark Freeman and Keith Matthews who are long time friends that have always had very similar musical interests within Rhythm & Blues, Rock & Pop. Both of them have played professionally for large parts of their lives in various different bands. As the name suggests there is a strong influence from the Rolling Stones but this is only a part of it. They sometimes play as a duo but just as often with a full band 4 piece set up utilising bass and drums.

All the musicians are experienced having shared stages with top acts such as Ronnie and Art Wood, Downliners Sect, Joe Bonamassa, John Mayall, Allman Brothers and Derek Trucks to name but a few.


The usual line up is


Mark Freeman – lead vocals and guitars

Keith Matthews – backing vocals and lead guitar

Chris Sharley – Drums and backing vocals

Krissy Matthews – Bass and backing vocals




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